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I miss things Sep. 20th, 2015 @ 10:36 am
I miss being asked to give a flogging, a beating, a caning.

It's hard to explain Sep. 12th, 2015 @ 12:57 am
I can't explain what it is about watching you with another man.

It's not cuckoldry.

Because I'm involved, too.

It just turns me on so much to see and hear YOU turned on.

And I miss it.

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Continuation of a long, sexy story Jan. 19th, 2005 @ 02:36 pm
The story started in The Rules, and continued in A look inside the box.

By now, I am hard as a rock, and having been getting that way ever since I handed you the box. Thank god I am wearing boxer briefs, or things would be a little too obvious. As it is, I am thankful of the dark suit, because I am feeling a buzzing in the head of my cock, and traces of precome seeping out of me. Tonight will be a night neither one of us will soon forget, and the morning will be even more memorable.

While we are nearing the end of the meal, I ask you "isn’t technology great? I mean, the things they can do with miniaturization are wonderful. Have you ever seen how the items, such the one I just gave you, work? It’s just a simple spinning disk, but, so off center that it wobbles out of balance, and jiggles. But it’s so fast."

You nod, unsure where I am going with this "Sweetie, I don’t think we really want to say much more about . . ." you cut yourself off with a gasp as the vibrations start inside your ass. "H-h-how did you do that?" you whisper.

"Like I said, miniaturization is wonderful. Remote controls are even better, n’est ce pas?" I quip. "The rules for tonight are simple. Whatever I tell you to do, you do." I’m thankful you can’t turn the tables on me tonight. I am, however, looking forward to the next night we place this game, and I am the one being commanded.

"Yes," is all you can breathlessly say for a few seconds. "Maybe we should go? Before I leave a wet spot?" I agree, and signal the waiter for the check.

He comes over and hands me the slip, and says everything is all set. I nod, and move to get up.

"Aren’t you going to pay?"
"That’s the nice thing about places like this. You can make all SORTS of arrangements. Like, leaving a credit card number in advance."

We stand, you with a little consternation, as if something was bothering your legs or back, or something. I chuckle.

As we get outside, the car is waiting for us. We get in, and sure enough, the music was left right where I wanted it: Sweet Jane is starting up.

"The live version is so great, isn’t it, sir?" the valet asks.
"Yes, indeed."
The valet hands you into the car, and you notice his eyes drifting down your body to your lower legs, and then back up to your thighs. You wonder what else I might have arranged, and if the valet knows anything that is going on.

You look at me, with a question on your face as we drive off.
"No, darling, he doesn’t know a thing. You just happen to have beautiful legs and a gorgeous ass, and no red blooded male can help but look at it." I jibe. "Now, lift the hem of your dress a bit, I want to feel that waxing you just had done." I command you.

You obey, and my right hand reaches down to playfully stroke the inside of your thighs, slowly easing them apart, and brushing your outer labia and mons. My fingertip tugs gently on your clit ring, already coated with lube and your wonderful juices.

You yelp in surprise at the next light, as I put the top down on the car. Now, anyone in a vehicle higher than ours can see what I am doing to you.

(to be continued by _pantone292_)
What sort of horniness today?: hornyHorny, of course
Sex Music I am hearing: Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane (Live)

great phone sex! Jan. 9th, 2005 @ 08:17 pm
I called my lady, _pantone292_ this morning (last night, time zone shite).

I knew she had a male friend over, and i knew something might happen between them.
That is okay by me, my only issue is an envy because I do not, YET, get to enjoy that as well.

But we talked for a while, and I talked to both of them. And hearing her describe some of what had happened, the wonderful oral between them both, and titty fucking on those beautiful breasts of hers, got me so hard, I needed to come.

So i started stroking myself in the back office here, knowing at any moment someone might walk in.

And while I started doing that, it started to get her hot again, and she decided to just continue to hold on to the phone and let his fingers do the talking . . .

I came so hard (fortunately I have learned pressure point techniques so I don't actually ejaculate) that it almost hurt. It was such a naughty turn on to know his fingers were exploring the folds of her labia, and circling her clit ring like mine do, and knowing he was dipping into her hot wet cunt. I could hear it in her voice that he was fingering her well, and hearing her go over the edge sent me right over as well.

I am SO looking forward to watching it in person, and helping them both out.
She says he tastes wonderful. I hope to find out not too long after I get home, but not immediately, either.

She is the most beautiful and pretty woman I have ever met, and i am so glad that she and I share an extremely high and deep level of kinkiness and horniness.

I love her.
What sort of horniness today?: hornyhorny
Sex Music I am hearing: Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubinie

meme Dec. 31st, 2004 @ 09:30 pm

The Orgasm Survey

Created by orgasmaddict and taken 69 times on bzoink!

General questions
Do you know what an orgasm is?yes
Are you addicted to orgasms?sort of
Have you ever experienced one?yes
At what age did you experience your first orgasm?don't remember, 12?
...and your last?32 (ten hours ago)
Have you ever...?
(boys) Orgasmed and covered your partner with your cum?yes
(girls) Faked orgasms?
Had a multiple orgasm?yes, and, wow.
(boys) Had an orgasm without ejaculating?yes, learned that trick in college
Orgasmed while sleeping?yes
Orgasmed while masturbating?yes
Orgasmed during a sexual intercourse?yes
Orgasmed while fantasizing?yes
Orgasmed while doing cybersex?yes
Faked an orgasm during cybersex?yes
Orgasmed more than 3 times in a row?as in, not multiple, but succesive? yes
... more than 5 times?once
... more than 10 times?no
Suffered from anorgasmia?yes, it sucks
Cried during orgasm?yes
Laughed during orgasm?yes
Moaned during orgasm?yes
Whispered during orgasm?yes
Puked during orgasm?no, but right after. Too much moonshine
Wished that you can have more orgasms?yes
Wished that you can have more intense orgasms?yes
Wished that you can have longer orgasms?yes
Are you...?
Satisfied after an orgasm?yes, usually
Satisfied after multiple orgasms?yes!
Multi-orgasmic?very seldom
An orgasm addict?yes
Which is better?
Orgasmic sex or nonorgasmic one?orgasmic, but I love touch
Penetration or clitoral stimulation?both
Clitoral orgasms or G-spot ones?clit, for the most part
Clitoral orgasms or vaginal ones?same
Orgasm from masturbation or orgasm from intercourse?intercourse of course
Your orgasm or the orgasm of your partner?theirs
(boys) Non-orgasmic, mono-orgasmic or multi-orgasmic women?multi
(girls) Guys that have impotence, or "sane" ones?
Random questions...
Do you believe G-spot orgasms exist?yes
Do you believe vaginal orgasms exist?yes
Do you consider orgasm the best thing of sex?almost
Do you believe multiple orgasms exist?yes
Have you ever tried to have a multiple orgasm?yes

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

What sort of horniness today?: hornyhorny

A little conversation I had with my love pantone282 Dec. 17th, 2004 @ 02:51 pm
We have someone we are both very interested in. She is going to meet him for the first time this weekend.

He is hot, and he wants us both. Here's what we had to say about it, she and I:

Pantone282: Peekaboo :)
bug_eyed_freak: I see you! so, are you excited? I know I am, slightly. Be more so were I there too.
Pantone282: Excited about what?
bug_eyed_freak: this weekend
Pantone282: Ah. Yes, indeedy. I am very much looking forward to it. What do you think I should wear, honey? The corset?
bug_eyed_freak: hmm, what are all the options? if you wear the corset, make sure your nips are just almost peeking out
Pantone282: I can't help that, it's always that way :)
bug_eyed_freak: I need to see you in that again, and brush the top line of them
Pantone282: I am thinking: corset, hobble skirt, black feather boa.the plot thickens, as does my cockCollapse )

Lucky man, part of a lucky couple Dec. 14th, 2004 @ 03:59 pm
So, I am waiting a few more months until I come home. Bleah, actually, I HAVE to wait, not my choice.

But when I come home, _pantone292_ is going to get such a spanking and fucking like she has never had before.

As will I.

I am envious of her, a little bit. We met someone online who seems really hot, and his cock looks wonderful.
She gets to meet him this weekend.

Well, there will be a chance for me to meet him too, when I get home.

I will be posting a little snippet of a conversation she and I had about him . . . later

I am looking forward to the look on her face as she sees me open my mouth and have my first taste of cock in about 6 years.

And the feel of a cock in my ass again . . .


Also looking forward to both of us soaking her breasts and tummy with our come.

I want to take turns fucking her, fucking him, and being fucked by them.
What sort of horniness today?: hornyhorny as hell

fetish play Dec. 6th, 2004 @ 02:16 am
I bought my lovely Lady _pantone292_ some books about rope bondage, and I think one on topping, or was it bottoming?
You remind me, sweets?

I am looking forward to completely being at her mercy.

I have never really let anyone do that.
I told someone I trusted them that much, but never actually did it.
The trust wasn't real, or, at least, wasn't based on anything real/lasting.

With _pantone292_ it is.
She is mine, and I hers.

I never doubt that she will be there for me, to fuck me hard, and to make love to me gently.
She will "raise me up, will hold me down." Okay, thanks meatloaf, not ALL of the lines in that song are painful. Although, some pains are okay.

I am glad to have her, glad that she can hurt me, but won't ever harm me. There is no one I would rather enslave myself to tahn her.
And, someday, I think she is going to pay me back for The Rules.

But that's okay.

I want her to.

the rules? Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 03:28 am
Are there any rules to what we do?

Not really, except what we make as we go along.

Like, when you get one red rose at work, saying meet me at home for dinner. You wonder why i would send you a rose for something so simple as that.

I meet you at the front door, wearing my black suit that says "connected."

You wonder what the special occasion is, but i say, "there isn't one, except for a wonderful night out."

You shiver a bit in anticipation (or maybe the rain is really to blame).

You get changed into something slinky, making sure I see you taking OFF your panties before putting on your dress.

Hah! You think you are going to run tonight, do you?

As we go out the door, you smile knowingly, and stop, when all you see in my eyes is blankness.

I'm doing poker face well, for once.

We get in the car, and drive to to the Old City Hall. The valet takes the car, and I tip him then. This night is one in which I am throwing money around, spending lavishly on the woman I love, and making sure we get good treatment everywhere we go. We walk around the corner to one of the corner bars, and as we enter, the bartender is already pouring two drinks: Tanqueray and tonic for you, a dirty martini for me.

You wonder at this, but realize I must have set this one up before hand. Little do you really know, my pet.

We sip our drinks, and have a second one. Both feeling just the slightest glow, I decline a third, as we have dinner reservations . . .

We walk back to Old City Hall, and go into Maison Robert.

"Right this way, if you please . . ."

Reservations are wonderful, and I love the places that NEED them. This is the first time I have brought you to one of those places, and I know you want there to be more of them.

We are seated, and the wine steward brings out our favorite red, Ravenswood Zinfandel.

Now you are really impressed, first, that this place had it, and second, because you know I only bring that out for good parties or nice picnics in your living room . . .

As you sip yours, I reach into my pocket and bring out a small shaker box I have made.

"Look inside, but discreetly," I say.

You open it up, and inside is a small packet of lube, and the vibrating plug we saw at the toy store a few days ago. The one you talked about getting for either one of us. A piece of paper says "you know where this goes. The powder room is just around the corner from the host's desk. Hurry back!"

to be continued . . .
What sort of horniness today?: hornyhorny
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