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The Orgasm Survey

Created by orgasmaddict and taken 69 times on bzoink!

General questions
Do you know what an orgasm is?yes
Are you addicted to orgasms?sort of
Have you ever experienced one?yes
At what age did you experience your first orgasm?don't remember, 12?
...and your last?32 (ten hours ago)
Have you ever...?
(boys) Orgasmed and covered your partner with your cum?yes
(girls) Faked orgasms?
Had a multiple orgasm?yes, and, wow.
(boys) Had an orgasm without ejaculating?yes, learned that trick in college
Orgasmed while sleeping?yes
Orgasmed while masturbating?yes
Orgasmed during a sexual intercourse?yes
Orgasmed while fantasizing?yes
Orgasmed while doing cybersex?yes
Faked an orgasm during cybersex?yes
Orgasmed more than 3 times in a row?as in, not multiple, but succesive? yes
... more than 5 times?once
... more than 10 times?no
Suffered from anorgasmia?yes, it sucks
Cried during orgasm?yes
Laughed during orgasm?yes
Moaned during orgasm?yes
Whispered during orgasm?yes
Puked during orgasm?no, but right after. Too much moonshine
Wished that you can have more orgasms?yes
Wished that you can have more intense orgasms?yes
Wished that you can have longer orgasms?yes
Are you...?
Satisfied after an orgasm?yes, usually
Satisfied after multiple orgasms?yes!
Multi-orgasmic?very seldom
An orgasm addict?yes
Which is better?
Orgasmic sex or nonorgasmic one?orgasmic, but I love touch
Penetration or clitoral stimulation?both
Clitoral orgasms or G-spot ones?clit, for the most part
Clitoral orgasms or vaginal ones?same
Orgasm from masturbation or orgasm from intercourse?intercourse of course
Your orgasm or the orgasm of your partner?theirs
(boys) Non-orgasmic, mono-orgasmic or multi-orgasmic women?multi
(girls) Guys that have impotence, or "sane" ones?
Random questions...
Do you believe G-spot orgasms exist?yes
Do you believe vaginal orgasms exist?yes
Do you consider orgasm the best thing of sex?almost
Do you believe multiple orgasms exist?yes
Have you ever tried to have a multiple orgasm?yes

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