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Previous Entry great phone sex! Jan. 9th, 2005 @ 08:17 pm Next Entry
I called my lady, _pantone292_ this morning (last night, time zone shite).

I knew she had a male friend over, and i knew something might happen between them.
That is okay by me, my only issue is an envy because I do not, YET, get to enjoy that as well.

But we talked for a while, and I talked to both of them. And hearing her describe some of what had happened, the wonderful oral between them both, and titty fucking on those beautiful breasts of hers, got me so hard, I needed to come.

So i started stroking myself in the back office here, knowing at any moment someone might walk in.

And while I started doing that, it started to get her hot again, and she decided to just continue to hold on to the phone and let his fingers do the talking . . .

I came so hard (fortunately I have learned pressure point techniques so I don't actually ejaculate) that it almost hurt. It was such a naughty turn on to know his fingers were exploring the folds of her labia, and circling her clit ring like mine do, and knowing he was dipping into her hot wet cunt. I could hear it in her voice that he was fingering her well, and hearing her go over the edge sent me right over as well.

I am SO looking forward to watching it in person, and helping them both out.
She says he tastes wonderful. I hope to find out not too long after I get home, but not immediately, either.

She is the most beautiful and pretty woman I have ever met, and i am so glad that she and I share an extremely high and deep level of kinkiness and horniness.

I love her.
What sort of horniness today?: hornyhorny
Sex Music I am hearing: Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubinie
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