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A paragon . . . of vice.

The year of flirting dangerously

a freak looking at life through multifaceted eyes
29 February
Do I dare eat a peach?

I couldn't think of a better username when I first signed up for this one . . . sorry!

do you know what a 697 is?

I'm just your average boy.

I'm just your average kinky slut.

I'm just your average exhibitionist.

I'm just your average voyeur.

And this journal is a sex-playground.

So, guess what? If you are under age 18, do NOT go reading my journal. You were warned; I disclaim any responsibility or liability for what you see and read here

I am a bi male in an open relationship with a straight woman who indulges my kinks (and whose kinks I happily indulge in return). I'm going to use this journal mostly for reading porn and for flirting shamelessly with my woman, _pantone292_. I will try my hand (lol) at writing and I welcome your suggestions for what you would like to read about to get you off! Mostly, I will post what it is about us, and my fantasies for us. So if you've wandered in here, please enjoy. The interests I list here are just the sexual ones, because that's what this journal's for! please note, I borrowed a lot of the lines for this from my lady.

Cunninglinguistics performed here, and other things similar.

I like to drink, nice sophisticated drinks.
I like to play. Pain is SO close to pleasure, don't you think?